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This too is one of my experimental projects that I've been working on.  This is an RPG game.  The player gets to control the Oni, a demon who is supposed to kill the dark spirit called the Nogitsune in the ' Village ' .  The task isn't easy.  Oni is supposed to explore the ' Village ' and look up for few quests to gain EXP and Gold.  Oni can buy gears in shop and gain new powers by visiting the stash house.  Oni can eat, drink, fast travel and interact with people in the Village and can also train with few people.  Please remember this game is still in development so tons of content are yet to be added in this game.  Feedbacks are appreciated !

NOTE :  I updated the game recently.   Added new quests, new characters, fixed EXP system, fixed Enemy Attack and Defense system.

Install instructions

Just download the zip file, extract it and play.  I have no clue about MAC version as I developed this game on Windows OS.  Anyways.. Enjoy! 


Oni Mac OS X.zip 512 MB
Oni V0.2.zip 376 MB
Oni02.apk 61 MB

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